3. Highrises, Johannesburg

Editor: Nele Dechmann, Fabian Jaggi, Katrin Murbach, Nicola Ruffo
Publication 2017 Fourthwall Books / Hatje Cantz

           The publication «Up Up — Stories of Johannesburg’s Highrises» presents a selection of buildings in the inner city of Johannesburg. The focus lies on tall modernist towers that stood out at the time they were constructed. Witnesses to profound shifts in the political history of the metropolis, the buildings have gone through immense changes. They are documented in two distinct sections: One the one hand the formal architecture is presented with facts, floor plans, archival discoveries and contemporary images of the interior and the exterior. On the other hand each building is accompanied by a reportage or subjective essay on the inner workings of the building. Interviews with residents, research based texts on contemporary issues and independent contributions from invited writers, artists and photographers allow brief insights into the old and new lives of these towers.
Graphic design: Gregor Huber, Ivan Sterzinger, Nicolas Leuba.  «Most Beautiful German Books» and Bronze Medal «Best Book Design From All Over The World» 2017.